Episode 045 – How did Gabrielle Spencer Teach People to Shift To Purpose-driven Abundance?

August 30, 2018

In Episode 045, Jack has invited Ms. Gabrielle Spencer who is known as the “Practical Spiritualist” as she combines her 20+ years of successful corporate experience with her 10+ years of soulful business savvy to assist soul/spirit based entrepreneurs with their businesses. Her mojo is to empower visionary entrepreneurs, change makers and business owners to discover, align with and activate their true purpose, passions, and gifts, do what they love strategically, and create a lucrative business and an abundant life filled with freedom, love, wealth and happiness.

Gabrielle will share how she overcame the issue of admitting that resistance and stubbornness kept her from her passion and purpose and what happened when one is able to shift from survival driven abundance to purpose-driven abundance.  Also, what are the streamlined steps and strategies she would recommend for coaches, intuitive healers or spirit based entrepreneurs to take to get themselves out there?